April 2009 Update

I can hardly believe that Spring has sprung! Meetings, courses, public consultations and related work have meant the winter has flown by. Here’s a recap of a few items of interest: 

In light of our collective love of the outdoors and our Valley, I encourage Fairmont residents to review the proposed plan for new parks and trails for our area. While no date has yet been set, I believe that a “showcase” public hearing will be scheduled this May.

Since February, I have chaired several public hearings on re-zoning applications in Windermere and continue to provide clarification and outline options to improve the state of water systems in Windermere. Discussions continue.

In the event that the Valley faces a grave emergency, the RDEK directors have responsibilities in this situation. At first, the thought of important decision-making under stressful and chaotic circumstances can be overwhelming. The training provided by our emergency services coordinator Gary Burford has been outstanding. As both a director and a resident, I truly appreciate the expertise of his talented group and the tremendous work they do. The Valley should know that our Emergency Services are top-notch, leading by example to others! 

As a matter of general information, there are two new members attending the Area F & G Advisory Planning Committee, more commonly known as the APC. This is a group made up of 15 local residents from different backgrounds to discuss and provide general recommendations on upcoming re-zoning applications.  I consider this an opportunity for open dialogue with residents before an application is taken to the Board or to public hearings. Each member is appointed to a one-year term in March, however the terms can be renewed as some members have been on the APC for several years. The committee is now comprised of: new members Paul DeGuise of Fairmont Hot Springs, and Terry Fillatre from Windermere, the other members from area F are Doug Charlton, Lindsay McPherson, F.R. (Bud) Coy, Ken Innes, Chris Zehnder and Rick Kubian. The members from Area G are Eric Brown, Barney Maslaniec, Cheryl Condy, Hermann Mauthner, Norm Funnell and Peter Trescher.

Be sure to check out my website at http://www.WendyBooth.ca for information about upcoming public meetings and notices.  Meanwhile, enjoy prime spring skiing ahead and get those golf carts ready!

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