RDEK – Board Highlights – June 2011

Read about what is happening (pdf) in our RDEK meetings;

  • Proposed Elko Fire Service
  • Baynes Lake Official Community Plan
  • Regional Parks Plan Amended
  • Wasa Area Development
  • South Country Reading Centres
  • Columbia Lake Rezoning
  • Special Event Licence
  • Gold Creek Rezoning
  • Cosmetic Pesticide Ban
  • Requesting No Parking Zone
  • Wasa Columbarium
  • Area F Rep for Library Board
  • Discretionary Grants in Aid



2 Responses to “RDEK – Board Highlights – June 2011”

  1. Rainey Latham Says:

    would like to enquire about the enforcement tools in regards to the OCP rules and regulations. will they have any effect on people who think that there is no teeth in enforcement, be it, ALC, RDEK, or OCP? can we trust the process or are we dividing our community on false expectations? ~ Baynes Lake Resident…..

    • Wendy Booth Says:

      If the OCP for Baynes Lake is approved by the RDEK board of directors, we then will have the tools to provide guidelines and enforcement. We do have a bylaw enforcement staff person who job it is to enforce the bylaws set out in the OCP. From my point of view, I feel strongly that if we can’t enforce our bylaws, what is the point in having them.

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