Fairmont Creek Flood Control Service

In March, Director Booth and RDEK staff held two open houses to present information on the proposed expansion of the Fairmont Creek Flood Control Service to include the entire community of Fairmont, and to expand its scope. Information was also mailed to property owners regarding the proposed service and a survey was conducted to gather feedback.   The input provided at both open houses and through the surveys indicated strong support for the expansion of the service area and was a key factor in Director Booth’s decision to move forward with the amendment process by giving what is called ‘consent on behalf of the electors’.  On Friday, the RDEK Board gave three readings to the amending bylaw for the Fairmont Flood & Landslide Service. The Bylaw will now be forwarded to the Ministry of Community, Sport and Cultural Development for approval prior to coming back to the Board for adoption.

We also got some great news on Friday afternoon. The Federal and Provincial governments announced they have approved $311,552 in funding through the Building Canada Fund – Communities Component – Flood Protection Program for the RDEK’s Fairmont Creek Debris Flow Mitigation project. The total cost of this phase of the project will be just over $467,000 – and the remaining portion of the project coming from the Community Works Fund (Gas Tax), community donations, and taxation.

This Phase will see the creek channel widened and bank protection (rock armouring) between the downstream portion of the Marble Canyon works and the pond/debris trap on hole #12 on the Mountainside Golf Course. This work will:

• increase the capacity of the creek; and,
• assist in keeping debris or high water within the creek channel.

I have attached the news release regarding the funding announcement (click to see announcement) and the results of the survey (click to see the results) for your information.

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