Special Weather Statement in Effect for East Kootenay

8:30 AM MDT Wednesday 28 May 2014

Special weather statement in effect for:

East Kootenay – north including Invermere
East Kootenay – south including Cranbrook

Rain today with amounts possibly reaching 25 mm.

A slow moving upper low is tracking through the southern interior today. Bands of showers associated with the low are already moving through the above mentioned regions and will continue through this evening. Generally, rainfall amounts of 10 to 20 mm are expected by late this evening. However, embedded thunderstorms may result in some regions seeing higher total rainfall amounts – possibly reaching or exceeding 25 mm. There is still some uncertainty with the exact location of where the higher amounts will occur.

Due to recent snow melt some regions in the southern interior are under flood watch or high stream flow advisory and expected rainfall amounts may exacerbate the situation.

The public is advised to monitor future weather forecasts as warnings may be required.

Please monitor the latest weather forecasts and warnings from Environment Canada at www.weatheroffice.gc.ca

Please monitor the latest information from the river forecast centre at WWW.BCRFC.ENV.GOV.BC.CA.


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