Household Hazardous Waste Round Ups

Do you have unwanted, hard-to-get-rid-of cleaners, poisons, paints, chemicals, gasoline or other unmentionables collecting dust in your garage, laundry room or basement?

Mark the weekend of September 20 and 21 on your calendar as the RDEK hosts its first Household Hazardous Waste Round Ups.  

We will hold 3 events across the region – one in each Subregion –  and there are literally dozens of products being accepted.  Due to the cost, site requirements and logistics, we can only hold one event in each Subregion, and we are hoping to see good participation.

I have attached the information on the Round Up, along with a summary of the products that will be accepted.  From shoe polish and mothballs to kerosene, fungicide, oven cleaner, hair spray, pool chemicals and mercury, there are literally dozens of products that will be taken.  I should note it is a residential, household hazardous waste round up, so commercial/industrial wastes won’t be accepted.

Our participating partners Newalta and Product Care will be assisting with the collection of the products we receive.  It will be a free drop off and we will do our best to make it an easy, efficient process for you!

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