Ditching and Culvert Work Plan for 2015 in Fairmont

This is the third year of planned ditching and culvert work by the Ministry of Transportation & Infrastructure in the community of Fairmont Hot Springs.  The purpose is to get ditches and culverts in the community and within our rights-of-way functioning as intended so that they can handle large unexpected rain events or heavy snow melt waters and ideally prevent or at least significantly limit potential damage by those events to home owners’ properties.

To that end, this year (late August or September) the Ministry’s Maintenance Contractor, Mainroad East Kootenay Contracting will be ditching and installing culverts.  Of the targeted roads for this year, only a few existing driveway culverts are the correct size – these can be reinstalled (unless they are damaged).  The large majority of driveway culverts though are significantly undersized, have heaved, are plugged or buried, or simply don’t even exist and driveways and lawns or other landscaping extend right out to the edge of our paved road.

Read the complete plan by downloading this ‘pdf’ file.

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