RDEK to Investigate Purchase Option for Windermere Water

The RDEK Board of Directors has directed staff to investigate the purchase of Parr Utilities as an option to provide treated water for the Windermere Community Water System Service Area.

“We went out to the community in August to provide an update on where we are at in the process, review the options and get feedback. In general, there was support at those Open Houses and from our Utility Advisory Commission to explore the purchase option in more detail,” says RDEK Electoral Area F Director Wendy Booth. “There are still many unknowns in terms of what the purchase would look like and staff will now begin the work of researching and getting those answers.”

The price, terms of a purchase agreement, impact to the Service Area and Parr’s existing customers are among the items that will have to be determined. “What the Board has done is approve staff doing a more detailed business case. Once that business case has been completed and we have the answers we need to fully understand what this option would entail, we will review it as a Board and with the community.” This will include consultation with Parr’s existing customers.

For any option to proceed, an elector assent process will have to take place. “The community will make the final decision on moving ahead with the project. This step of the process will make sure we have done our due diligence and have all of the information the community needs to make an informed decision.”

The Windermere Water System has been under a Water Quality Advisory since 2006. In order for the Advisory to be lifted, the water must meet Interior Health standards.

More information is available on the RDEK’s website: http://www.rdek.bc.ca.

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