RDEK – Board Highlights – February 2017

Read about what is happening (pdf) in our RDEK meetings;

  • 5-Year Financial Plan
  • Mosquito Control Program Contractor
  • Grizzly Ridge Bylaw Amendments
  • Mayook Light Industrial Rezoning
  • Wasa Area Commercial Rezoning
  • Reduced Taxation for Emergency Program
  • Funding for Tie Lake Dam Upgrade
  • Valley Visitor Services
  • CVED Advisory Commission
  • Rushmere Water Funding
  • Kinbasket Sewer Facility Upgrades
  • Columbia Valley Arts Council Funding
  • Wycliffe Exhibition Grounds Funding
  • Radium Library Board Grant
  • Letters of Support for Funding Applications
  • Discretionary Grants In Aid

Columbia Valley Advisory Committee: Meeting Highlights

This Meeting Highlights (pdf download) provides a general overview of discussion items and major decisions made at the Columbia Valley Advisory Committee (CVAC) meeting on October 19, 2015 which was held at the Windermere Fire Hall, Windermere, BC.  It excludes confidential information such as business negotiations, personnel issues and legal matters.

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