Lot 48 Ecosystem Restoration

The Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) will be undertaking ecosystem restoration activities on Columbia Lake – Lot 48 throughout the month of December.

Crews will be hand thinning trees and brush to improve forest health and further NCC’s conservation goals. Accumulated slash will be burned using a sloop burner, a high-efficiency burner that limits smoke emissions and protects ground cover. Burning will occur over a four-day period, weather permitting.
Lot 48 is located four km south of Fairmont Hot Springs, on the east side of Columbia Lake.

What is the purpose of the ecosystem restoration?
Manual stand thinning and burning is a commonly-used restoration tool to help maintain forest health, restore wildlife habitat and reduce the risk catastrophic wildfires. NCC has a successful track record of conservation land management, using science-based practices to improve habitat for species at risk and to protect the viability of its conservation lands.

How will this affect the public?
Burn operations and smoke will be visible to motorists driving from Fairmont to Canal Flats on Hwy 93/95. The use of a high-efficiency sloop burner will reduce the amount of smoke that would otherwise be generated from an open burn pile. Access to Lot 48 in the work unit will be restricted during thinning and burning activities.

Are you highly sensitive to smoke?
The Nature Conservancy of Canada maintains a smoke notification list for those who are extremely sensitive to smoke and would like advance warning of prescribed burn operations. To be added to this list or for more information, please contact the Invermere office at (250) 342-5521 About the Nature Conservancy of Canada

The Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) is the country’s leading land conservation organization. Since 1962, NCC has helped to conserve over 2.7 million acres (1 million hectares) of ecologically sensitive land and water nationwide, over one million acres (400,000 hectares) of which are right here in British Columbia.

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RDEK – Board Highlights – June 2013

Read about what is happening (pdf) in our RDEK meetings;

  • 20-Year Service Award
  • CBT Community Initiatives
  • District Lot 48 Zoning
  • Columbia Valley Abattoir
  • Baynes Lake treatment
  • Transit Agreements
  • Koocanusa OCP
  • Discretionary Grants In Aid
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RDEK Hearing Bylaw 2471 and 2472

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RDEK – Board Highlights – May 2013

Read about what is happening (pdf) in our RDEK meetings;

  • 10-Year Service Award
  • Lot 48 Bylaws Rescinded
  • Bylaw 2448 (Windermere abattoir)
  • 2013 Volunteers of the Year
  • New Fees for Boat Launch
  • Wasa Lions Trail
  • Flood Protection Applications
  • GHG Emissions Funds
  • St. Mary Lake Road
  • Green Policies
  • Transportation Committee
  • Discretionary Grants In Aid
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Columbia Lake property protected after decades of effort

July 23, 2012
Invermere, BC —

(click for Global TV coverage of Columbia Lake Lot 48 Celebration)

The Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) and its partners have succeeded in their bid to conserve an ecologically and culturally important property on the east shore of Columbia Lake.

Known simply as Lot 48, the property was the last parcel not designated for conservation on the east side of the Columbia Lake. The protection of Lot 48 has been a priority for the conservation community as well as the Ktunaxa First Nation and other residents of the Upper Columbia Valley.

Preventing recreational development and further road construction in the area will safeguard the many natural and cultural values of the whole eastern side of Columbia Lake. The area supports some of the most valuable winter range for bighorn sheep, elk and other ungulates, several rare and endangered species, and is a sacred landscape to the Ktunaxa Nation.

Efforts to purchase the property have spanned decades and is supported by several regional planning initiatives.

With a budget of $7.2 million, fundraising for this project has been no small feat. Major support for Lot 48 has come from Columbia Basin Trust, Regional District of East Kootenay, Fish and Wildlife Compensation Program (FWCP), Habitat Conservation Trust Foundation, Teck, BC Government and the Government of Canada through the Natural Areas Conservation Program, as well as many other groups and individuals.

“The Regional District of East Kootenay has long recognized the cultural and environmental significance of this land,” says RDEK Board Chair Rob Gay. “We are pleased to be able to support the purchase of Lot 48 with funding from Electoral Area F, the Columbia Valley Subregion and the entire East Kootenay region. Playing a role in the long-term protection of this precious resource is truly an honour.”


  • Lot 48 is bounded by Columbia Lake Provincial Park, the Columbia Wetlands Wildlife Management Area and the East Side Columbia Lake Wildlife Management Area.
  • The total project budget of $7.2 million includes project development costs, purchase price and a stewardship endowment to ensure the property’s long-term care.
  • The conservation of Lot 48 is supported by several regional planning initiatives, including the East Kootenay Conservation Program, the Regional District of East Kootenay’s Regional Growth Strategy and Fairmont Hot Springs’s Official Community Plan.
  • The Government of Canada’s Natural Areas Conservation Program is a $225 million investment to assist non-profit, non-government organizations to secure ecologically sensitive lands to ensure the conservation of our diverse ecosystems, wildlife, and habitat. The Nature Conservancy of Canada has been entrusted to lead the program and has committed to raising matching funds for each federal dollar received.
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