RDEK – Board Highlights – February 2017

Read about what is happening (pdf) in our RDEK meetings;

  • 5-Year Financial Plan
  • Mosquito Control Program Contractor
  • Grizzly Ridge Bylaw Amendments
  • Mayook Light Industrial Rezoning
  • Wasa Area Commercial Rezoning
  • Reduced Taxation for Emergency Program
  • Funding for Tie Lake Dam Upgrade
  • Valley Visitor Services
  • CVED Advisory Commission
  • Rushmere Water Funding
  • Kinbasket Sewer Facility Upgrades
  • Columbia Valley Arts Council Funding
  • Wycliffe Exhibition Grounds Funding
  • Radium Library Board Grant
  • Letters of Support for Funding Applications
  • Discretionary Grants In Aid

Rushmere Celebrates FireSmart Designation

Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations – Feb. 10, 2016

The small community of Rushmere has taken some big steps to protect residents from harm, using FireSmart principles to proactively reduce wildfire threats on private land on the west shore of Windermere Lake.

FireSmart Canada acknowledged all that hard work on Feb. 9, 2016, with the official presentation of a Community Protection Achievement Award and the installation of a FireSmart sign at the entrance road to Rushmere.

The award presentation was attended by BC Wildfire Service staff, a provincial FireSmart
Canada representative, Regional District of East Kootenay staff, the fire chief for Columbia Valley
Rural Fire and Rescue Services and other guests.

Read the story (pdf) how they accomplished this.

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RDEK – Board Highlights – November 2014

Read about what is happening (pdf) in our RDEK meetings;

  • 2015 Board Dates
  • Windermere Water Grant
  • Baldy Ridge Extension Project
  • RDEK Plan Monitoring Committee
  • Rosen Lake Dam
  • Rushmere Utility
  • West Fernie Servicing & Restructure Project
  • Key City Theatre
  • Landfill Scale Operations
  • Discretionary Grants In Aid
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Fairmont Ditching/Culvert program for 2014; Rushmere Roadwork

As part of the Ministry of Transportation & Infrastructure Year 2 ditching program in the community of Fairmont, the ministry will be targeting the following streets for ditch and culvert work this summer:

– Wills Road – focus this year is above the main highway (ie: East side of Highway 93/95)
– Mountaintop Drive
– Fairway Drive (some of it)
– Fairmont Resort Road

Work will include extensive shoulder grading (removing excess winter sand build-up on the shoulders of the road), brushing (removal of vegetation and small trees in and around the side(s) of the roads), ditching on one or both sides of these roads, some minor asphalt curbing in a couple of locations and some minor pavement patching.  Private property owners are being accommodated where possible, however it is strongly recommended that residents who want larger culverts under their access contact Gerry and Mainroad East Kootenay Contracting at 250-417-4624.  Consistent with last year’s work in Fairmont, Mainroad will be able to do the installation of new culverts for residents at no cost, but the residents must pay for the culvert itself.

The community of Rushmere will also see some work done on their roads – this will include some ditching, culvert installation if/where required, road base build-up and gravel surfacing.  The target for Rushmere this year to address the most pressing locations for improvements and road strengthening, which more work planned for the subsequent season(s) as required.

This is separate from the major pavement patching, ditching and culvert replacement being done in the next couple of weeks at the upper end of the Fairmont Resort Road.

If you have any questions, please contact Kareen.  Her contact information is:

Kareen Peters
Area Manager Roads,  Rky Mtn District,
Ministry of Transportation & Infrastructure
129-10th Avenue., Cranbrook  V1C 2N1

(office) 250-426-1594

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RDEK – Board Highlights – November 2012

Read about what is happening (pdf) in our RDEK meetings;

  • New Campground Bylaw
  • Windermere Creek Study Costs
  • Spur Valley Water Project
  • Reduced Speed Zone
  • Elk Valley Deputy Fire Chief
  • Radium Dog Control Services
  • Rushmere Utility Advisory Commission
  • Wood Stove Exchange Program
  • Discretionary Grants in Aid
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