RDEK – Board Highlights – May 2018

Read about what is happening (pdf) in our RDEK meetings;

  • Service Award
  • Windermere Water
  • Elko / Baynes Lake Area
  • Hazardous Waste Facility
  • Moyie Utility Advisory Commission
  • Funding Contribution
  • Financial Support for 55+ BC Games
  • Elk Valley Air Cadets
  • Discretionary Grants In Aid
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RDEK – Board Highlights – March 2018

Read about what is happening (pdf) in our RDEK meetings;

  • Five Year Financial Plan
  • Speculation Tax Causes Concern
  • Hill Road Erosion Mitigation
  • Cranbrook Rural Fire Protection
  • Akisq’nuk Recreation Facility
  • East Side Lake Windermere Water System
  • Valley Visitor Services
  • Library Board Appointment
  • Victims Services Contract
  • Central Subregion Emergency Program
  • Discretionary Grants In Aid

RDEK Board Highlights – June 9,2017

CBT region Community Initiatives and Affected Areas Program funding approved for 2017/2018
The Regional District of East Kootenay (RDEK) Board of Directors June 9 approved funding $1,235,971 in funding for 138 projects around the district. The funding comes from Columbia Basin Trust’s Community Initiatives and Affected Areas Programs, which are administered by the RDEK. After considering public input and recommendations from the municipalities and Electoral Area Directors, the board approved the funding. A complete list of the approved projects is available on the RDEK’s website (www.rdek.bc.ca).

Windermere Treated Water Project Updates
The board approved $1.2 million in Community Works funding for the Windermere Water Upgrade Project, which includes a proposal to purchase Parr Utilities and its building. While details of the purchase are still being negotiated, the RDEK has given three readings to the required bylaw amendment, loan authorization and service establishment bylaws in preparation for an elector assent process later this year.

Construction contract awarded for Fairmont Debris Flow Mitigation Phase 2 and 3
The construction contract for Phases 2 and 3 of the Fairmont Debris Flow Mitigation Project has been awarded to Ironclad Earthworks. These phases of the project have been 100% funded by Emergency Management BC to a total of $1,473,880

Kimberley Rural Official Community Plan Adopted
A new Official Community Plan (OCP) for the Kimberley rural area was adopted by the board. The plan area covers the rural communities spanning from Meadowbrook to the St. Mary Valley to Porteous Road. The OCP provides policy direction to the board regarding future land use changes, and articulates the communities’ vision and preferences regarding a range of other issues important to area residents. The plan replaces the previous OCP for the area which was enacted in 2006.

New Septage Disposal Ponds move ahead for Area B
The Chair and CAO have signed a Licence of Occupation with the Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations for 0.95 hectares of land in the Elko / Baynes Lake area for the construction of new septage disposal ponds. The 30-year agreement ends March 13, 2047.

Regional Agricultural Liaison Services (RALS) contract awarded
Keefer Ecological Services Ltd. has been awarded the contract to provide technical extension services for the region’s agricultural producers. The RALS project is a partnership between the Regional Districts of Central Kootenay, Kootenay Boundary and East Kootenay and the Columbia Basin Trust to provide technical agricultural advice to producers with the goal of helping them increase their knowledge to improve the efficiency and viability of their farming or ranching operations. The need for this service was identified by agricultural producers during the development of the agricultural plans that have been adopted by each of the project partners over the past few years.

Columbia Valley Landfill Operations contract
The Board Chair and CAO have signed a five-year agreement with Southeast Contracting Ltd. for operations of the Columbia Valley Landfill.
Electoral Area F Director Wendy Booth

Booth appointed to Arena Upgrade Committee
Electoral Area F Director Wendy Booth has been appointed as the Columbia Valley Recreation Service Area representative on the Canal Flats Arena Upgrade Advisory Committee for the term July 1 to December 31. The committee will oversee the upgrade project at the arena.

Mayook Schoolhouse tenure application approved
The RDEK has signed a Licence of Occupation with the Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations for the Mayook Schoolhouse (pictured above). The next step in the process will be negotiating an agreement with the Wardner Community Association for the ongoing operation and maintenance of the schoolhouse and grounds.

Special event licence granted for Cranbrook Pro Rodeo
A special event licence has been issued for the Cranbrook Pro Rodeo August 18-20, being held at the Wycliffe Exhibition grounds.

Discretionary Grants-in-Aid (DGIA)
The City of Fernie will receive $3,000 from the Electoral Area A DGIA account for its Canada Day celebrations.

The Mount Baker Secondary School will receive $1,000 from the Electoral Area C DGIA account for food and beverages at the 2017 Dry Grad and Prom Night.

The Cranbrook and District 4H Council will receive $1,000 from each of the Electoral Area A, B and C DGIA accounts to help o set expenses related to the Cranbrook and District Show and Sale.

The East Kootenay Medieval Society will receive $500 from the Electoral Area E DGIA account for the Kimberley City Bakery Medieval Festival.

The Fairmont Community Association will receive $6,700 from the Electoral Area F DGIA account for the Fairmont Bike and Walking Path.

The Caregivers Network for East Kootenay Seniors will receive a total of $7,750 for Caregiver Resource Kits, Resource Library materials, and new projectors and screens. The funding will come from the following Electoral Area DGIA accounts: Area A – $1,550; Area C – $2,350; Area E – $750; Area F – $1,550; Area G – $1,550.

Public meetings and reminders
Area E Town Hall Meeting and Volunteer of the Year Celebration
June 27 at the Wasa Community Hall 7 p.m. Volunteer of the Year celebration honouring Naomi Miller. Cake and refreshments will be served.
 7:30 p.m. – Area E Town Hall Meeting. Agenda topics include: Mosquito Control Program Update, 5-Year Financial Plan, Director’s report and more.

Introductory Meeting – Lake Windermere Land Use Planning Process
July 4 at the Columbia Valley Chamber of Commerce at 7 p.m.
This new planning process is intended to replace the existing Lake Windermere Official Community Plan (OCP) with a new OCP. Having strong community engagement and involvement throughout the process is critical to the success of this planning process. Your input is important and will help shape the future of your community.

Next board meetings
Thursday, July 6 – Committee Meetings – TBA
Friday, July 7 – RDEK Board Meeting – 9 a.m.


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RDEK to Investigate Purchase Option for Windermere Water

The RDEK Board of Directors has directed staff to investigate the purchase of Parr Utilities as an option to provide treated water for the Windermere Community Water System Service Area.

“We went out to the community in August to provide an update on where we are at in the process, review the options and get feedback. In general, there was support at those Open Houses and from our Utility Advisory Commission to explore the purchase option in more detail,” says RDEK Electoral Area F Director Wendy Booth. “There are still many unknowns in terms of what the purchase would look like and staff will now begin the work of researching and getting those answers.”

The price, terms of a purchase agreement, impact to the Service Area and Parr’s existing customers are among the items that will have to be determined. “What the Board has done is approve staff doing a more detailed business case. Once that business case has been completed and we have the answers we need to fully understand what this option would entail, we will review it as a Board and with the community.” This will include consultation with Parr’s existing customers.

For any option to proceed, an elector assent process will have to take place. “The community will make the final decision on moving ahead with the project. This step of the process will make sure we have done our due diligence and have all of the information the community needs to make an informed decision.”

The Windermere Water System has been under a Water Quality Advisory since 2006. In order for the Advisory to be lifted, the water must meet Interior Health standards.

More information is available on the RDEK’s website: http://www.rdek.bc.ca.

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RDEK – Board Highlights – October 2016

Read about what is happening (pdf) in our RDEK meetings;

  • Windermere Water
  • Regional Agricultural Liaison Services
  • Floodplain Mapping and Hydrology Study
  • Fibre-Optic Backbone
  • Landfill Road Realignment
  • Greenways Trail Alliance
  • Community Energy Manager Program
  • Grant Approved for Veterans Memorial
  • Lake Windermere Ambassadors Funding
  • Discretionary Grants In Aid